Working Groups


The EEB Waste Working Group works on issues related to waste management policies in the European Union. It works closely with the Ecological Products Policy Working Group in order to create the conditions necessary for a circular economy to emerge. It also works occasionally with other EEB WG on crosscutting issues as: toxic substances, industrial emissions, biomass, and global agenda for sustainable development.

All the work of the EEB Waste experts fall in the scope of the Make Resources Count Campaign ( where you can find all the relevant policy papers and news.

The working group consists of EEB members who come together to discuss development and implementation of waste policy by sharing experiences and scientific evidence about how to prevent waste generation and optimise waste management.

Topics of interest to the group include (inter alia):

  • Waste prevention (both quantitative and qualitative)
  • Preparation for reuse
  • Separate collection of waste
  • Waste recycling and reduction of waste land filling and incineration
  • Circular economy and resource efficiency
  • Implementation, monitoring and the active participation of civil society in waste policy
  • Economic instruments that support the full implementation of the waste hierarchy
  • Waste streams (all range from plastic bags to ship breaking)


The Waste Working Group together with a coalition of NGOs released a list of demands regarding the European Commission's review of the Waste Framework, Landfill and Packaging and Packaging Waste Directives. You can download it here.

The EEB with the coalition of NGOs has published a position paper on what we shall expect from the new Circular Economy Package. You can download it here.

The EEB Waste Working Group meets once or twice a year and is coordinated by Waste Policy Officer Piotr Barczak. Ad-hoc webinars are also frequently organised to focus on specific issues.
Get in touch with Piotr to learn about the coming events related to waste issues.