Working Groups



The EEB Working Group on Bioenergy works on more sustainable use and production of bioenergy in the EU and its member states. The working group works on different forms of bioenergy including biofuels used in transportation, solid biomass from forests and agriculture and on biowaste used for energy. It consists of members of the EEB who have an interest in the sustainability of bioenergy, but also who work with agriculture, forests and renewable energies in general.

The group aims to reinforce environmental NGOs influence in political processes by coordinating work efforts, sharing knowledge on the state of the policy at national level and in the EU, by sharing intelligence and scientific evidence.

Topics of interest to the group include (inter alia):

  • Biofuels and Indirect Land Use Change
  • Sustainability of solid biomass from forests and agricultural land
  • Carbon accounting of bioenergy
  • Bioenergy policies in the EU 2030 climate framework

The EEB Working Group on Bioenergy meets once or twice a year and is coordinated by the Agriculture and Bioenergy Senior Policy Officer Faustine Defossez and by EU Bioenergy Policy Officer Sini Eräjää.