Working Groups


The EEB Working Group on Biodiversity works on issues related to biodiversity and nature conservation, with a predominant focus on European policies. It consists of members of the EEB who have an interest in promoting biodiversity conservation in EU Member States as well as on international level through different biodiversity related Conventions (eg CBD, CITES, Bern Convention). They come together in the working group to form EEB policy by sharing experiences with nature conservation in Member States and discussing the latest scientific knowledge and initiatives on biodiversity. They also devise strategies on influencing decision-making processes at the EU an MS level.

Topics of interest to the group include (inter alia):

  • Implementation of Birds and Habitats Directives, with a focus on management of Natura 2000 network
  • Integration of biodiversity consideration into other policies (eg agriculture, energy, climate change)
  • Financing of biodiversity conservation
  • Promotion of green infrastructure and implementation of restoration target
  • Invasive alien species

The EEB Working Group on Biodiversity meets twice a year and is coordinated by the Senior Policy Officer for Biodiversity and Ecosystems.


For more info, please contact:

Leonardo MAZZA

Senior Policy Officer: Biodiversity, Water and Ecosystems

Tel: +32 (0) 2 289 10 93