Working Groups

EEB policy positions are discussed and decided upon in a number of EEB working groups, one for each of the main policy areas on which the EEB works. EEB working groups play a central role in the EEB’s policymaking process. They are the primary forum through which EEB members collaborate with EEB staff and with each other on substantive issues.

The working groups bring together environmentalists from across Europe working on a particular topic. They allow members to keep abreast of what is going on in Brussels, develop strategies to influence EU, UN & other policies, share best practice and discuss proposals for, reactions to and input on EU, UN & other policy proposals.

Each EEB member organization is entitled to send a representative to any EEB working group meeting. The EEB generally covers travel and subsistence costs for one participant per country, though it may cover more or less depending on the budget available for the specific topic. Working groups typically meet once or twice a year and are usually serviced by the relevant EEB policy officer.




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