Happy New Year, Mr Juncker!

Press Release

Brussels, 12 January 2016

New Year is traditionally a time for good resolutions. After just over a year at the head of the European Commission, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) is calling on President Jean-Claude Juncker to make his New Year’s Resolution that of revisiting his Ten Priorities [1] and bringing them into line with the international commitments the EU has made in recent months. 

Last year, the EU signed up to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development [2], including the Sustainable Development Goals, and the new climate deal in Paris. These are Earth-changing agreements that require significant transformation from Europe. They imply an opportunity, but also an obligation, for President Juncker to review and revise his initial priorities in consultation with the European Parliament and EU member states.

In anticipation of this significant task, the EEB is today launching its Juncker Commission Political Priorities Revisited, setting out how the EU executive can transform the original Ten Priorities into a set of achievable political goals that would benefit the environment, society and the economy. 

Jeremy Wates, Secretary General of the European Environmental Bureau, said:

After the agreements on Agenda 2030 and the Paris climate deal, we enter 2016 with hope that our political leaders are ready and willing to tackle the challenges facing Europe and the rest of the world. For the EU, this means a revised agenda with sustainable development at its heart and where environmental, social and economic concerns are addressed in a balanced way. If adopted, our alternative Juncker priorities would be the first step of a real reform agenda for Europe.”



For further information:

Philippa Nuttall Jones, Senior Communications Officer,, +32 (0)4 71 57 81 01

Notes for editors:

[1] ‘A New Start for Europe: My Agenda for Jobs, Growth, Fairness and Democratic Change – Political Guidelines for the next European Commission’ (July 2014).

[2] 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (September 2015) 

[3] We will be tweeting about our alternative Juncker #realEUreform