Post-growth economy

The steady state economy, socially sustainable degrowth, décroissance, ... Ecological economists and activists have discussed and proposed alternatives to the unsustainable and unfair obsession with GDP growth. Other indicators do exist and are far more relevant to measure the state of the planet. Sometimes the post-growth and indicator discussion reaches the highest circles of policy making. More often, the discussion gets sidelined or postponed, as if working on post-growth is a luxury that we can only afford if we have first solved all other urgent issues.

We'll soon post more on what the EU and the EEB are doing on post-growth and why this long-term work is urgent and relevant. But we'll start with posting material related to the forth Degrowth conference, held from 2 to 6 September 2014 in Leipzig. Some 2500 people academics and activists will gather to exchange ideas. More on that in the dedicated Leipzig 2014 page.