7th Environmental Action Programme

Environmental Action Programmes have, since 1971, given direction to the work of the European Commission in the environmental field. They presented a systematic approach for tackling environmental problems, reflecting fundamental elements of contemporary thinking and problem perceptions. They have set ambitions and targets, identified priority areas of work and, progressively, also elaborated on the need to integrate environmental objectives and conditions into other policies.

The 6th Environmental Action Programme expired in mid 2012. An EAP is based on a proposal from the Commission, but is nowadays subject to a full legislative procedure leading to agreement between European Parliament and Council of Ministers, so not much time is left. The negotiation process is a great opportunity for a strategic debate on the future of EU environmental policies, a debate in which not only the three decisionmaking bodies are involved, but also stakeholders can have their say.

EEB was strongly involved in the formulation of the 7th EAP programme and had a significant impact in its final formulations. The main concern of the EEB was the need to describe in an un-ambivalent manner the environmental challenges the EU is faced with, including accelerating climate change, deterioration of our eco-systems and increasing overuse of natural resources.

EEB Position on the 7th Environmental Action Programme “Staying within ecological boundaries”