EU leaders racing to the bottom

EEB Reactions

[24 October 2014]

The EEB condemned the outcome of last night’s marathon session by EU leaders that escalated into a race to the bottom and led to a desperately ineffective set of targets of 27% energy efficiency, 27% renewables and 40% GHG emissions to be met by 2030. It is a blow to Europeans who hoped and expected their governments to act responsibly on climate change.

Jeremy Wates, EEB Secretary General, reacted: “With this abysmal result, Europe’s leaders have failed their citizens and failed the world. More and more extreme weather events such as flooding and wildfires are already hurting people and their communities all across Europe. Adopting a set of targets to cut energy waste by 40%, roll out sustainable renewables to 45% of the energy mix and cut emissions by 60% is what the science of climate change demands, and is also what will help Europe get on its feet.

Now that the EU Council has dropped the ball on this vital issue, it is essential that President Juncker makes good on his commitment for Europe to become a world leader on renewables as well as to propose a far more ambitious and binding energy savings target for 2030.

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