EEB statement on ILUC proposal

After more than two years of delay the Commission has finally come up with a proposal on Indirect Land Use Changes emissions linked with biofuels production by proposing a cap of 5% on biofuels from sugar, cereals and oilseeds – effectively freezing it at current levels. They only ask that ILUC factors be reported upon, and do not include them in the sustainability criteria under the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) nor under the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD).

Faustine Defossez from the EEB reacted :
“With this proposal the Commission could have brought an end to a two year paralysis that only created losers; the environment and the climate through changes to land use, the industry through uncertainty and poor people through higher food prices.”

“However, the action taken only goes half way. Although the Commission has finally acknowledged that biofuels can increase CO2 emissions compared to fossil fuels, under intense industry pressure they have failed to adopt proper measures to address these.”

“This policy was sold to EU citizens as one which would help in the fight against climate change. The proposal requires governments to report how much extra emissions they are causing; but puzzlingly stops short of asking them to do anything about it.”

The EEB now hopes that the European Parliament and Council will support the cap to limit the volumes of biofuels and make sure ILUC emissions are properly included in the RED and FQD. We hope they will finally reconcile science and policy and ensure that this policy delivers towards its objective, namely climate change mitigation.

European Commission Press Release on ILUC proposal

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